Citrus was a Japanese indie-pop band on the Trattoria Records label founded by Oyamada Keigo (aka Cornelius), It was formed in 1990 by Takeaki Emori  and Michiko Endō, They released a number of cassette tapes and EPs before they broke up in 2001 without releasing an album.

Citrus Plant for Little Kids (1994)

Citrus Plant For Little Kids

Boat, Drive In (1996)

Boat, Drive In

Jazz the Poops (1997)

Jazz The Poops

Splash (1999)


Wispy, no mercy (2000)

Wispy, No Mercy

Pits Are The Pits (25 GOLD=RARE=DEBRIS 1992-2000)

Pits Are The Pits (25 GOLD=RARE=DEBRIS 1992-2000)

Sings in Melodydecorder EP (1995)

Sings In Melodydecorder

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  1. Thank you, thank you so so so much! I've been searching for Citrus' releases for over a year now and I almost gave up, thank God I've found this blog! Greetings from Brazil!